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Lakmuthu Children’s Savings account is a rewarding way to save and build a secure future for your children.

For Whom

Children under the age of 18 years

(The account may be opened by a parent or a guardian)

Special benefits

  • High Interest Rate
    On behalf of the future of their children parents and guardians should invest in a Sri Lankan bank that offers a secure and safe higher return on investments.
  • Ability to open an Account with Rs. 500/-
    To open a “Lakmuthu” Children’s Savings Account, the required amount is only Rs.500/-
  • 100% Guarantee of a Government Bank
    Since Lankaputhra Development Bank is a Govt. Bank, the money you deposit and the interest has a 100% Govt. Guarantee.
  • Friendly Service
    Accounts can be opened by calling our friendly service – oriented officers

Interest Rate

Click here to view rate sheet