Mr. Ranjith Dissanayake
Acting General Manager/Chief Executive Officer,Deputy General Manager – Credit, Operations and Recoveries Mr. Ranjith Dissanayake
Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
Assistant General Manager - Information Technology, Acting Head of HR Mr. Ajantha Rathnayake
Mr. R.S. Pandittesekere
Senior Manager - Legal Mr. R.S. Pandittesekere
Mr. Shelton Fernando
Senior Manager - Information Technology Mr. Shelton Fernando
Ms. C. Udugalage
Senior Manager - Administration Ms. C. Udugalage
Mr. I Sathiesh Kumar
Senior Manager - Finance & Acting Chief Financial Officer Mr. I Sathiesh Kumar
Ms. Dulmani Jayasekara
Senior Manager - Compliance / Acting Head - Audit & Risk Ms. Dulmani Jayasekara
Ms. Deepika Navarathne
Senior Manager / Acting Head - Credit & Operations, Leasing, Pawning, Business Development Ms. Deepika Navarathne