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A Loan scheme designed to help small and medium scale entrepreneurs at concessionary rates and terms. Loan could be obtained to start a new project or expansion of an existing business, acquiring advance technology and construction of factory buildings, laboratories, purchasing machinery and equipments for industries and obtaining professional services for specific projects.


  • To be the catalyst of rural economic resurgence which would eventually alleviate poverty, reduce regional income distribution parity and increase employment.
  • To deliver development financing facilities to encourage new viable enterprises and to expand the existing enterprises up to the international level.

To whom

Small and Medium Scale entrepreneurs.

Eligible Loan Sectors and Sub sectors

Sector Sub – Sector
Agriculture & Agro based industries Fisheries
Coconut based products
Paddy Mill
Dairy Farming
Other Agricultural Products
Manufacturing / Industries Apparel
Furniture and wood products
Leather / rubber products & Footwear
Steel and metal
Chemicals and minerals
Engineering and Technology
Printing and Publishing
Food & beverages
Electrical & Electronic
Power Generation
Services Health & Educational Services
Finance & business
Tourism & hotels
Other Services
Infrastructure Development Hydro
Mini Hydro
Road Construction
Building Construction

Eligible Loan Categories

Credit facilities will be given for following purposes within the above sub sectors

  • Purchase of equipment, plant & machinery and heavy vehicles for the specific projects
  • Construction of factory building, laboratories, hotel complex and related construction for specific projects.
  • Installation of machinery / equipment.
  • Acquiring advanced technology.
  • Obtaining professional’s / expert’s services for specific projects.

General Criteria

  • Priority is given to the projects outside western province
  • The project should be based on local production and it should generate employment opportunities to the people of the area.
  • The  proposed project should help in the growth of the GDP
  • At least 30% of the cost of the project should born by the customer
  • The maximum loan amount for a project is Rs. 20 Mn


Up to a maximum of 5 to 7 years

Loan Amount

Maximum Rs. 20 Million


Nature of the security will be decided by the bank considering the risk element of the business

Interest Rate

Click here to view rate sheet

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