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This loan Programme is designed to help new businesses and new innovators who face difficulties in accessing finance and granting credit facilities based on the strength of the project feasibility. The objective of this project is to build new entrepreneurs with the financial assistance and guidance of LDB and to identify new entrepreneurs who can be developed to Medium Scale Entrepreneurs and beyond in future.


  • Demonstrated ability to be involved fulltime in the project and willingness to develop as an entrepreneur.
  • The principal sponsors of the project should be Sri Lankans between the age 18 -35 years.
  • Should not have any previous Bank loans over Rs 250,000/- obtained for a business purpose.
  • Should have a feasible project plan acceptable to the LDB.
  • Should be able to implement with less than Rs 1.0 Mn or should be able to source additional funds as contribution through self financing or by any other means as equity.
  • Be able to bring a minimum equity of 20% of the project cost (Tangible or intangible), land and building would also be considered if used specifically for the project.

Loan Amount

From Rs. 500,000/- to Rs.1,000,000/-


This Credit Program is structured to operate away from traditional collateral based on the project viability & other criteria


Maximum up to 6 years (including maximum grace period of 1 year)

Interest Rate

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