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The scheme facilitates the medium to large scale dairy development to obtain credit facilities for commercialized dairy activities. This special loan scheme has been introduced by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka with following objectives:

  • Encouraging medium scale entrepreneurs to engage in commercial scale dairy farming activities covering activities of dairy farming to dairy processing.
  • Encouraging Plantation Companies to engage in dairy development activities to improve the underutilized land resources.
  • Encouraging commercialization of activities of the milk supply chain particularly dairy farming, dairy cooperatives, processors and domestic dairy product marketers.

Eligible Projects.

  • Purchase of Cows.
  • Establishment of cattle sheds, building irrigation system (sprinkler, pipeline), well or agro-well.
  • Fodder cultivation
  • Establishment of new farms
  • Farm development
  • Construction of bio gas units
  • Expansion of existing farm
  • Production of dairy based products/Milk processing.
  • Purchase of machinery and equipment such as tractor, water pump, refrigerators, cream separator, milking machine and grass chopper.
  • Transport and storage to preserve milk and milk based products.
  • Any other innovative activity directly related to dairy development or promoting the culture of drinking liquid milk.
  • Any other innovative methods recommended by Veterinary Surgeon/livestock officer for improvement of production and quality of products.

Repayment Period

Maximum time period for loan repayments will be 5 years inclusive of grace period of 06 months

Loan Amount

Maximum Loan limit is Rs. 20 million


Nature of the security will be decided by the bank considering the risk element of the business

Interest Rate

Click here to view rate sheet

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